About Ideal Academy of Life

We're all going through big changes, in our own individual lives, in our families, businesses, systems, communities, countries and across the globe. Our leaders have never been under so much pressure, with so much at stake if they get it wrong. It's certainly no time for impulsive or poorly considered solutions. We need wisdom and for this, our leaders must be wise. We need vision and for this our leaders must reach for the ideal. This is what the Ideal Academy of Life was set up for. It offers wisdom and vision just as the world is ready for it, just as the world is asking for it.  

The Ideal Academy is for leaders, not necessarily those in charge of institutions, political parties or FTSE 500 companies, but those who seek to lead their own lives, households and communities. 

We need strong individuals, but now more than ever we need individuals with real vision, leaders who seek real wisdom, those who never give up reaching for their own ideals. 

To reach for the ideal you will need to develop courage, strength, discipline, curiosity, humility before greatness, intelligence, perseverance, focus, commitment and fortitude. This is not simply a personal development platform or a social network, you are volunteering yourself for personal transformation on a deep and heated level. You will be required to consistently step up and meet life challenges, to live in accordance with your own conscience, to summon the power you need to live a life worth living and to use this power wisely, whilst reaching for the vision of your ideal life. 

The Ideal Academy of Life will support you in gaining wisdom through living your own life. It will help you to connect with your own unique capacities and develop wisdom, as you lead yourself and perhaps others, ever closer to the ideal. 

If you are ready to become a student of real life, to take greater responsibility for yourself, to go your own way, to risk making mistakes, to develop understanding, gain experience and become wiser, then join us here in the Ideal Academy of Life.

Jump in and to engage today. You never know who you might meet and what opportunities might present themselves. Start by reading and engaging with our welcome articles here: https://fourthguides.mn.co/discovery.

Why Ideal Academy of Life?

David and I are envisioning a more balanced future, by responding to what we see to be the most pressing demands - right now that's helping individuals to take greater levels of responsibility for their lives and contribute their unique perspective to the world. If you would like to help create this future, then we would love you to join us in living a real and fulfilling life.